We procure only the highest quality raw materials and control the production process from start to finish. The result is simply the highest quality cargo strap you can purchase. All Skyair shop straps are manufactured, under the strict supervision of the Federal Aviation Administration.
What makes Skyair shop hate highest quality and best value?

100% first quality 2600 denier material.

100% heavy-duty webbing (increase resistance to snags, frays, and cuts).

Automated manufacturing process.

6,000 LB webbing used in the strap instead of the 5,000 LB requirement.

Straps exceed all FAA, ISO, and SAE requirements.

Complete traceability of all strap components.

Manufactured and tested in accordance with the proposed TSO-C172.

Heavy-duty resin coating process that makes the strap more resistant to wear/tear, environmental degradation, and water absorption.

Strap can be color coded and printed for identification and ease of use. For instance, all 21’ straps white and all 30’ straps yellow.

We can build stock and hold it for you at pre-determined locations – you will have straps immediately available 24/7 – you will not pay a premium for this service.

Two year warranty against manufacturing defects.

All straps manufactured under strict supervision of the FAA to ensure 100% complete compliance for your airline.

In short, Skyair shop air cargo straps are the strongest, most durable, longest lasting, highest quality air cargo straps you can put in your aircraft.

I would like to extend a personal invitation for you to visit our facility in Istanbul, SC. Here you can witness the quality assurance that goes into every product we manufacture for your airline.

Remember, at Skyair shop, we strive to manufacture Quality products, provide Service that is second to none, and take Pride in delivering more than our clients expect.
Skyair shop Cargo Straps are Manufactured, Inspected and Tested to Meet or Exceed the Requirements and Specifications of SAE AS5385 and the proposed FAA TSO-C172.