Aircraft Scrap provides services including part-out, disassembly, demolition and recycling for all types of aircraft.

The Aircraft Scrap team adheres to the leading standard methods for dismantling aircraft in a safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly manner. We are compliant with industry-developed best practices for aircraft disassembly.
Aircraft Scrap recently opened an additional facility in Ankara and Corlu customer aircraft storage
Trust the experienced team at Aircraft Scrap to do a professional, safe and efficient job at handling your storage, disassembly and recycling needs.
One additional expertise that makes Aircraft Scrap exceptionally unique is the capacity to dismantle, move and rebuild aircraft (military and commercial). It has carried out this task on over 2 aircraft to date for insurance companies, loss adjusters, museums and private individuals. Furthermore, in 2014 SKY was awarded the prestigious contract by THY Turkish Airlines, ULS Cargo, My Technic to dismantle, move aircraft. Our skilled engineers re-assembled them to their former glory and they are now used by thousands people as restaurant and caffe in several cohesin in Turkey.

Aircraft Teardowns/Recycling

Aircraft Scrap, LLC is a leader in aircraft teardown services, having completed hundreds of projects throughout the last decade. With a strong background in heavy maintenance, we hold the knowledge, experience, and resources to handle your asset correctly. Our large investment in aircraft tooling, equipment, and technical data allows us to offer safe, accurate, and timely solutions.
Additionally, we hire FAA licensed mechanics to ensure that our teardown services are performed professionally and in accordance with manufacturer’s references. We understand our clients have different needs, so we tailor each project to satisfy any requirement. From limited teardowns to complete Turnkey solutions, Avocet will provide the service that is right for you.

Boeing Family


B737 (Jurassic, Classic)

B747 (100/200)


DC-9 (all series)

MD80 (all series)

Airbus Family





Additional Capabilities: MD-11, B717, B737NG, B777 | Regional Aircraft (ALL) | Airbus Family (ALL)

Accountability and Trace
With each teardown, our customers receive a digital formatted list of all components removed. As part of vital trace documents, removal records are provided with all relevant information so trace is easily established. Our lists contain work orders, complete aircraft, and component information so quick tracking, sorting, and loading of this data can be accomplished accurately.
This information can be provided in various file extensions so data integration to any inventory management software can be achieved. Our comprehensive component removal tag is one of the most thorough in the industry.